November 16

Infection Procedures

You will have no doubt heard by now about the dentist who has put a number of patients at risk by failing to carry out effective cross infection procedures. I will not comment on why this has happened or who is responsible for failing to adequately regulate and inspect this practice. 

Patients at our practices in Perth (23 South Methven Street and 3 Dalreoch Place) can rest assured that we take cross infection control very seriously. After all we want to protect our patients and ourselves from harm. Both our practices undergo rigorous inspections by Tayside health board every 3 years. We are due re inspection in 2015! During this all of our policies and procedures are carefully scrutinised and observed. 

For us though it doesn't stop there. Every year we undergo cross infection control training in house to ensure we stay up-to date. We have invested heavily in dedicated sterilisation suites (LDUs) as well as buying more equipment and instruments. Where possible and practical we use single use and disposable items. 

The practice has a zero tolerance policy on failing to maintain these standards and all staff are encouraged to report on any issues arising directly. 

As mentioned before it is in our interest to keep our patients and staff safe.

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