September 18

Need help kicking the habit with Stoptober?

We can help you find the support you need to take on this 28 day challenge. Stoptober is a public health campaign taking place in England but we feel that our patients should also be aware of the benefits of giving up their smoking habit this October

At Dental Care Perth, the health of your mouth is our highest priority. Our aim is good dental health for you and your family. We give you regular dental advice including preventative measures whenever necessary. There are many reasons to quit smoking for your general health as well as your oral health.

Mouth cancers and pre-cancers, gum diseases and poor wound healing are the most significant and serious effects of smoking on the mouth.  There is also staining and bad breath to battle with!

The benefits of quitting to your own health can begin after just 20 minutes. There is also the health of your family to think about. Did you know that more than 80% second-hand smoke is invisible and odourless?

A few of Dental Care’s Top Tips for going smoke free this October

  • Talk to your family and friends for moral support
  • Speak to your GP or local pharmacy to help beat the cravings
  • Attend for regular dental check-ups
  • Have healthy snacks available, if your sense of taste improves and your appetite increases
  • Take your mind of cigarettes by keeping busy
  • Try again and learn from previous attempts to quit
  • E-cigarettes can help quit, they are 95% less harmful than tobacco
  • Try a cost calculator or mobile phone app for that extra motivation to stay smoke free smiley

Smokeline is Scotland's national stop smoking helpline, open every day from 8am to 10pm. Call free on 0800 84 84 84 or chat online - See more at:

For more information

Call us on  01738 638399 to make an appointment if you’re concerned about your dental health or need a little bit more encouragement with the Stoptober 2015 challenge.

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