9 Point Oral Healthcare Check

What will be checked as a matter of routine

1. Your general health - Certain conditions, illnesses and medications can have an impact on your oral health, so we need to know.
2. The teeth - We will check for decay, wear and tear and evidence of dental disease.
3. Existing restorations or fillings - We will check each time that these are still doing the job for which they were designed and that they are still intact and sound.
4. The gums - We will check for signs and evidence of gum disease thus ensuring that gum disease is either identified and treated or prevented altogether.
5. The interproximal and subgingival areas - These are the areas under and between the teeth and we will take radiographs or study existing ones to examine these.
6. The oral mucosa screen - We will examine the soft tissues inside your mouth looking for early warning signs of disease and in particular oral cancer.
7. The peri-oral tissues - We will examine the area outside and around the mouth again looking for early signs of disease.
8. Any concerns or problems you may have - We will listen to your concerns and we will investigate and deal with these where and when possible. If these are beyond our own abilities we will refer you to the appropriate specialists.
9. Treatment plan – We will discuss with you, your treatment requirements, the costs involved, the timing of treatment and where necessary provide you with a written treatment plan.

"Utmost Care And Attention"
"I have worked with Dino and his team for many years. In my opinion he is an excellent clinician putting his patients needs first and treating them with the utmost care and attention."