Restore your missing teeth, smile & confidence with Dental Implants

The perfect balance of fully functional & visually stunning teeth

Dental Implants are the closest aproximation to the missing natural root we have in dentistry. Made of pure titanium they are very bio-compatible offering excellent and predictable results. 

This is a radiograph of a sigle implant replacing a missing premolar root

Dental Implants are a fantastic way of replacing missing teeth, whether single or multiple, for stabilising dentures both upper and lower, therefore restoring your smile and giving you back confidence. We use one of Europes biggest and and best, in our opinion implant manufacturers, Straumann, who have many years of experience and research behind them. We also work closely with a specialist restorative dental surgeon and laboratory technicians for the best possible result, both in terms of aesthetics and function.

 Restored implant top left

A missing front tooth. A hole is prepared in the jaw bone in stages. An Implant is fitted ...... and a healing cap inserted. When the Implant has healed, the healing cap is exposed ...... and an abutment inserted. A crown is then fitted to the abutment.

"Utmost Care And Attention"
"I have worked with Dino and his team for many years. In my opinion he is an excellent clinician putting his patients needs first and treating them with the utmost care and attention."