Repair damaged & decayed teeth with our Porcelain Crown Treatments

Metal Covered Porcelain & Pure Porcelain Dental Crown Specialists

Dental Care uses the most “technologically advanced” materials and offer precision made crowns, bridges and dentures made in conjunction with a highly reputable local dental laboratory. This ultimately ensures good communication between patient, dentist and technician and a high success in colour matching and fit.

A crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" placed over a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed. A crown, which many people call a "cap," is made to look like your tooth.

Crowns and bridges may be placed for several reasons, but generally the tooth or teeth have been extensively damaged. Crowns also are used for cosmetic purposes to cover misshapen or badly discoloured teeth.

A metal crown, covered in porcelain, is considered by many as traditional.But in certain light, this can make the tooth look dull and lifeless.An alternative is for the crown to be made of solid porcelain.This will give a more natural look to the tooth.

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"I have worked with Dino and his team for many years. In my opinion he is an excellent clinician putting his patients needs first and treating them with the utmost care and attention."