Get a new beaming smile thanks to our Smile Makeover Service

Find out why Smile Design is the fastest growing Dental Treatment

Smile design is what everyone is asking for these days. Advertising on TV, in magazines, and all round us make us want that million dollar smile.  

Here at Dental Care Perth we have a variety of options and treatments available to help our patients improve their smile. In every case however we  start off  in exactly the same way. We will sit down with you and discuss with you what it is that you want to acheive. We will then take that information  and in conjuction with our technicians and sometimes with specialists in their fields come up with a treatment plan that is tailored to you. only when you are happy enough with what we propose will we then proceed with treatment.

Designing a smile is as unique a process as the smile itself. It takes time and planing. We look at how your teeth rest against your lip, how the gum lines up along the necks of the teeth, we look at symetry, shape and shade as well as a whole host of other factors which contribute to a beautiful smile. 

In order to create your unique and beautiful smile we can use tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, and orthodontics. 

"Utmost Care And Attention"
"I have worked with Dino and his team for many years. In my opinion he is an excellent clinician putting his patients needs first and treating them with the utmost care and attention."